Customer Support

An out sourced tech support center with over 10 years experience with web hosting firms , Touch Tech Support has the expertise to deliver outsourced customer support services that add value to your business by offering a low cost solution while maintaining high service levels.

We offer multiple support options to address any issues that your customers may have, by working as an extension of your support team, both end users and internal customers have a single point of contact. Requests are automatically routed within the team based on method (chat vs e-mail) and type (billing, technical, server, etc) so that they are handled as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Touch Tech Support offers two types of customer support services

E-mail support services– e-mail support can range from simple subscription messages to detailed response to customer queries to complex product and service troubleshooting. Touch Tech Support can handle any volume of traffic. We constantly update our extensive support knowledgebase so all of our agents are able to respond to your customer queries consistently.

Live chat support services
– Chat support assists customer s in getting more information about your offerings as well as helping them complete orders and payments. When a customer needs assistance, a text chat session is initiated by clicking on a link. Our agents will chat with the customer to understand their issue, resolves the query, and will then close the interaction in real time.

Touch Tech Support offer both the e-mail support and the chat support in three tiers depending on your needs:

Tier 1 Support

Tier 1 Support provides technical and non-technical support via e-mail and chat for requests such as:

  • Account signups/payment plan details
  • Helping customers use your tools and services
  • Domain registration, renewals, and transfers
  • Basic MYSQL database support
  • Email setup and configuration

Tier 2 Support

Tier 2 Support provides advanced technical and billing support for requests such as:

  • FTP access/login issues
  • Web publishing and access permissions
  • CGI scripting
  • Advanced MYSQL Database support
  • Non–payment issues
  • Charge back issues
  • Credit/refund requests

Tier 3 Support

Tier 3 Support addresses major technical issues. Examples of Tier 3
requests include:

  • Hardware failure
  • Server /network level hacker attacks
  • Network outage


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